weight loss snacking hypnosis script

Weight Loss – Stop Snacking
By Rene Bastarache, CI

snacking-hypnosis-scriptThe only healthy way to snack is not to snack – end of argument. Much has been written and said lately about diets that encourage periods of fasting between eating times and there are many good and scientific reasons for this. There is the 5:2 diet, the 5:1 diet, there is the random 24 hour fast regime. The best and most healthy, with many proven benefits, is the 12:12 diet regime where you only eat between a 12 hour window of each day. This is quite easy to do as you already sleep approximately 8 hours of the day – almost there! Ad in morning ablutions and down time before bed and your done. Sweet!

To turn this regime from just a healthy lifestyle decision to a weight loss/body image decision all that is necessary is to cut out any snacking between the three daily meals. This is fairly easy to do as the meals are close together. All that is required to make this a reality for the client is help from the hypnosis practitioner with this script, perfectly tailored to do the job.

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