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All Scripts are only $5.99 each and we also include:

3 Inductions3 DeepenersA Depth Test and 3 Awakenings so you can conduct or record your sessions with a variety of methods as soon as you get them.  (All scripts are immediate downloads in pdf format)

Listing of Topics
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(Keep checking back as we’ll be continually adding new ones)

Building a Successful Mindset
Eliminate Self Sabotage Behavior
Finding One’s Voice
Nail Public Speaking
Public Speaking Confidence
Public Speaking, Help from My Friends
Reinvent Yourself
Sales Success
Speaking Slower
Test Taking
Confidence in Dating
Confidence in Leadership
Confidence, the Magical Speaker Method
Dealing with Divorce
Dealing with Fear
Facing Fear with Courage
Fear of Criticism
Fear of Dying
Overcoming Fear of Failure
Anorexia (coming soon)
Anxiety, the Gifts Technique
Arthritis in Knees (coming soon)
ADHD (coming soon)
Beating Insomnia
Bipolar Disorder (coming soon)
Breast Enlargement
Cancer, Eliminating (coming soon)
Childbirth, Contraction (coming soon)
Deep Relaxation
Dental Distress (coming soon)
Erectile Dysfunction
Healing Faster (coming soon)
Insomnia, Letting Go
Menstrual Cramps (coming soon)
Morning Sickness (coming soon)
Nail Biting
Nail-biting, A New Way of Thinking
Nail-biting, Replacing With Positive
Overcoming Grief (coming soon)
Snoring, Rhythmic Relief
Stress Reduction, Job Done

Deadly Triggers
Gaining Willpower
Getting Up Again
Healthy Desires
No Weight Gain
One Session Method
Smoke Free, Stress Free
The Company You Keep
Basketball Imaging Success
Body-Building, Getting In the Zone
Dealing with Pre-Game Nerves
Enjoying Running
Football – Pre-Game Jitters
Golf – Belief in Yourself
Golf-The Key to Positive Self Belief
Gymnastics, Overcoming the Fear
Improving Marksmanship
Marathon Training
Martial Arts
Mental Imagery Generic
Rugby,Overcoming the Fear Of Tackling
Skeet Shooting

Slalom Skiing
Soccer, Enjoying the Game
Soccer,Improving Mental Skills
Supercharging Softball
Swimming – The Dolphin in You

Being More Active
Boredom Eating
Eat Great, Lose Weight
Eating Compulsively
Eating Healthy
Eating Slowly
Eating Too Fast
Enjoy Healthy Shopping Habits
Fast Foods
Healthy Cooking and Planning Meals
Hunger Control
Impulsive Eating
Killing the Carbs
Portion Control
Stop Snacking
Stop the Sugar
Induction: Basic Chair (free)
Induction: The Beach (free)
Induction: Relaxing is a Breeze (free)
Depth Test: Yardstick Depth Test (free)
Deepener: Life is a Gift (free)
Deepener: Rabbit in a Hole (free)
Deepener: Clouds Across the Sky (free)
Awakening I (free)
Awakening II (free)
Awakening III (free)

AIA Certified Scripts

aia-hypnosis-smThe American School of Hypnosis, ASH has been creating quality Hypnosis Script Manuals for over 20 years. Now you can finally purchase the individual ones you want rather than having to purchase an entire volume.

These are the same quality scripts you’re used to and they’re all edited and certified by the AIA for professionalism and effectiveness.

The KEY to an Effective Script

Did you know that in order for a hypnosis script to be effective it should adhere to a few vital rules. Here are some key-to-hypnosis-sessionsthat we include in as many of our scripts as possible. Unfortunately many of scripts available on the net don’t comply and can cause more harm than good.

  1. Present tense: The subconscious mind only understands the present. Suggestions written in the past or future tense are ineffective. They must say that you are healthy or wealthy rather than you will be or want to be healthy or wealthy.
  2. Positive: The subconscious mind does not understand negative so any negative suggestions are being reacted to in the opposite. When you say that you don’t want to be broke you are focusing on being broke. Not wanting a divorce attracts divorce and not wanting to be sick attracts sickness. Only state what you want in the positive in order to attract or attain it.
  3. Believable: Your suggestions must be believable in order to be accepted. If you cannot walk 500 yards then wanting to run a marathon is not believable. It has to be within the really of possibility in your mind.
  4. Imaginative: The more you can use your imagination the more accepted your suggestions will become. The subconscious mind does not understand the difference between a real and an imagined memory. They hold the same value.
  5. Carry a reward: Why are you doing the session? Usual the goal is the reward in itself. If there’s no benefit then why work towards the change?
  6. Simple: Shorter is better – Your subconscious mind is similar to a 5 year old child so the messages delivered should be simple, brief and to the point. If your script were 2 to 3 pages you’d begin to lose the attention of the subject and can hinder the process more than helping it unless the information included were fascinating. In other words you can get the point across to stop biting your nails effectively in a half page script without boring the subject with unnecessary jargon.

A No Risk 100% 30 Day Guarantee!

guaranteeYou have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! We take all the RISK for you. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your hypnosis script simply notify us within 30 days and we’ll refund 100% of your script purchase.

Keep in mind that these are downloadable products and once you have them you cannot send them back to us so you get to keep the script as well. Because of this fact we will (only refund ONE SCRIPT per customer).

So if you’re not sure you’re going to like the quality of our scripts just order ONE SCRIPT at no risk and see for yourself. Once you’re convinced go ahead and order as many as you like.